Program for the Research Academy Conference on Territory, Rivalry, and Domestic Politics

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Alabama


Purpose: To facilitate additional innovative scholarship on territorial issues, rivalries, and their effects on international conflict and domestic politics. This conference is intended to create a platform for scholars to receive critical feedback on their current research and to network with other scholars interested in territorial issues and rivalries.

Use this link to download the entire set of papers in .zip format.

Presentation Schedule:

10:00am Central library opens, arrival at 205 Gorgas

10:15am Presenter: Emilia Powell, University of Alabama, Win/loss record and Peaceful Attempts to Resolve Territorial Disputes (with Krista Weigand)

10:45am Presenter: Marc Hutchison, University of Rhode Island, Territorial Threat and Domestic Attitudes in Africa:  A Multi-Level Analysis

11:15am Coffee Break

11:30am Presenters: Doug Gibler and Steve Miller, University of Alabama, Territory, Democracies and Their Disputes: Re-examining Conflict Selection, Victory and Settlement Patterns

12:00pm Presenter: Paul Huth, University of Maryland, Law and Force in World Politics: The Varied Effects of International Law on the Exercise of Military Power in Territorial Disputes (with Sarah Croco and Ben Appel)

12:30pm Lunch Break

1:30pm Presenter: Stacie Goddard, Wellesley College, Brokering peace: social networks, rhetoric, and the case of Northern Ireland

2:00pm Presenters: Paul Diehl and Thorin Wright, University of Illinois, Unpacking Territorial Disputes: Domestic Political Influences and Conflict Dynamics

2:30pm Coffee Break

2:45pm Presenter: Paul Hensel, University of North Texas, Credible Commitments and Negotiations over Territory

3:15pm Presenters: Sara Mitchell and Cameron Thies, University of Iowa, Issue Rivalries

3:45pm Coffee Break

4:00pm Presenters: Karen Rasler and Bill Thompson, Indiana University, Boundary Disputes, Rivalry, and Interstate Conflict

4:30pm Presenter: John Vasquez, University of Illinois, The Significance of Territory


Invited Guests:

Barbara Chotiner, University of Alabama

Karl DeRouen, University of Alabama

Walt Enders, University of Alabama

Simanti Lahiri, University of Alabama

Utz McKnight, University of Alabama

Sam Norton, University of Alabama

John Oneal, University of Alabama

Paulina Pospieszna, University of Alabama

Jaroslav Tir, University of Georgia

Greg Vonnahme, University of Alabama

Joe Walsh, University of Alabama